ISP consortium
Everywhere, available on 70 datacenter sites;
Over 100 participants already;
Efficient mix of content and access traffic;
Joint traffic volume over 50 Gbit/s;
Volume discount split over members.

Combined Carriers
Careful selection of upstream carriers;
National, European, American, Asian and Global feeds;
Joined in one full BGP feed (+/- 512.000 routes);
The best (shortest) path to each destination;
Well over 100 Gbit/s total capacity;
Redundant and inherently reliable.

Transit power
Flexible specifications;
0 Mbit/s commitment;
Burstable up to port speed;
AS number and provider independent (PI) IP's;
Lowest possible pricing;
Automatic pricing revision each quarter.

New autumn 2015 pricing
In February we introduced our new Spring 2015 pricing, with lower Flat Rate fee's and an aggresssive new per Mbit/s pricing for committed and burst traffic. Signup or renew your contract now!

New: package of NL-ix and transit on one port
We now offer a package solution which includes a burstable port with NL-ix peering VLAN access, Global Transit from Joint Transit ("Carrier" product) and separate NL Routing session over which Dutch routes are announced.

New: direct KPN Wholesale (AS286) Transit
We now introduce the direct access to the Wholesale IP Transit service of KPN, featuring a BGP session directly with a AS286 router. This can be used as an alternative for, a backup for, or an add-on to the Joint Transit service. Contact us to discuss the options and for pricing!

IPv6 is standard!
Joint Transit provides IPv6 routing along with regular IPv4 routing on each connection by default.